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Sportswear And A Drawing.

The start of a new fashion sketchbook.

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Boring ass 1920s Chanel-inspired knit collection.

Shoesies from gesture drawing.

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Colin-Friendly Potato Salad.

Don't like onions or celery?  Replace them with cucumber!

Colin-Friendly Potato Salad

3/4 c    light mayo
1 tsp    sugar
1/2tsp  celery seed
1 tsp    vinegar
1 tsp    yellow mustard
3/4tsp  salt
1/4tsp  smoked paprika

4     red potatoes
5     eggs
1/2  cuke, finely chopped

-Like a kick?  Colin does!  Add 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper.
-Use more cuke if you like more crunch.
-Use whatever vinegar you have on hand.  I used rice vinegar.

Boil the potatoes and eggs, slice into nice big chunky bites, dice up your 1/2 cucumber, toss them in a bowl, mix the sauce and stir in, a little at a time, to your liking.  Chill for an hour.  So easy.  Sooo good.

Slap it on a bun, or serve with some pan fried tilapia.  Add crushed up bacon for a full meal.

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Spring Semester 2011.

And so it begins.

Just two more semesters left and then I'm... in need of a job.

Illustrations for Sportswear.  They've been mailed to our critic in New York, and she'll select the one we'll be making this semester in class.  The scanner ate my colors; this is as close as I could get them to what they actually look like.

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Tailored Jacket.

She's done!

Excuse the lack of makeup.

Going home for Christmas.  Dreaming of a white one.

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My dress final is done, after many a long sleepless night of suffering.

I don't have photos of it finished, because it has been chosen for the showcase in my studio building.

(far left)

These five dresses, along with five others from the junior dresses class, will be put on display in VCU's Anderson Gallery in April.  I'm gonna be in a gallery!

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Blackberries. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

For a recyclable fashion show, I thought I'd try to dye the organic cotton I had left over from an organic show with a dye bath of nothing but pureed beets and blackberries and a little hot water.

First I mixed up three beets and a box of blackberries in a food processor and squeezed that concoction through a foot of nylon tights.

It looks like I killed someone.

Dexter Jess.

It dried a little bit bluer than this.  Most of the pigment washed out, but it still left a nice pastel shade of something between pink and periwinkle.
I'm making a corset top out of cardboard coffee sleeves to go with it.

Pictures of the garment soon.