Chief Sucks-at-faces.

"Notes" from Physics lecture.  My faces are so freaking bad.

Heap big Chinese test tonight.  I can remember the Pinyin, it's the characters I have trouble with.

Working on a 'tree skirt'.  Yeah.  The fashion department does it every year.  Every student in the sophomore class picks a tree in Maymont Park and designs a skirt for it, so for a week, all the trees are wearing skirts.  It's pretty hilarious.  Maymont loves it.  They get news coverage and everything.  I'm making a tree bride, or, Entwife, if you prefer.  She has a big train and a veil.  Sadly, she has no groom.  It will be a very depressing wedding.  Pictures next week.

The illustration of the Asian kids makes me laugh.

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Connie | March 31, 2010 at 4:01 AM

I'm really excited to see your tree-dress. And that's the truth.

(I recognize Allison's shoes, at least!)