Woah There.

Well, I finally got my Wacom Intuos4, and mama like.  I decided on the small, because it fits perfectly in my leather saddle bag and, well, it's less money.  I've been using it all day and let me tell you, I am so fucking unwieldy with this little bastard.  The sensitivity on the nib is phenomenal, if only I could adjust to using it.  I'm having considerable trouble keeping my strokes at consistent weights.  Aside from my retardation, this is an extraordinary product.

As a sort of post-CD tutorial-tutorial, I traced over my Rancor sketch to see if I could improve my lines and play around with some coloring.  (I started with the cuff.  Can you tell?  o_O )  I got a little bit better throughout, but the fact is... this took me all day.

Will the girl accustomed to drawing and coloring with her laptop's trackpad learn to harness the awesome power of an actual professional pen tablet?  Will she ever learn that she doesn't actually have the Force when reaching for something just out of reach from the couch?  Stay tooned.

That is misspelled on purpose.

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