Seven Year Itch Isn't A Very Good Movie.

First outfit WIP for Jessdoll!
(This is incredibly vain, isn't it?)

Oh my God I don't know how to shade.

Marijess Montimroe.  I know, clever.

Blonde clearly isn't my color.

Something happened to my PSD file for the original Jessdoll.  It's, well, gone.  I'm mildly horrified.  It's an issue because I had to erase a portion of the lines of my face in order to not make the wig layer look really stupid.  No one wants brown hair sticking out of their Marilyn wig.  How embarrassing.  At least I still have the Illustrator file of the line art, but I'm gonna have to color... me... all over again.

I wish life worked like this.  Crawl out of bed, select a makeup and clothing layer, hide your gross morning layer and go.

ILY, Norma Jeane Baker.

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